Eardrum Music – October 2013

The amount of fantastic new music that has dropped in the past few months is nothing short of legendary. For people who follow music, 2013 is easily shaping up to be one of the best years for music since around 2010 when most of the greats were releasing sophomore albums and indie was taking some huge footsteps.

Now, with the indiesphere firmly planted into musical relevance, we’ve been lucky to hear from some outstanding new acts. As the proliferation of technologies that make getting music to the world easier continues to grow, we reap the benefits. In this post we will be highlighting some of the acts that stand at the front of this cresting wave of plaid, PBRs, and MOOG beats.

First up, Manchester-based The 1975. You’ve probably heard their catchy  song Chocolate on rotation, but let’s talk about the absolutely stellar Girls, which comes along in the middle of the band’s self-titled album – which is a great listen all the way through.

Next we’ve got Lorde’s song Tennis Court. If you haven’t heard Lorde yet, there’s agood chance your house is under a pile of stones and sure, Royals is a great track, but Lorde’s album shows she has a ton of material for a 16 year old artist. And most of it stands the test of a good song. Check out the song Team if you need any more proof of product

Finally, one of my personal favorites from the past few months that’s just starting to take off: The Colourist. For some reason this band reminds me of SClub7 or Vitamin C (don’t worry they sound nothing like that), but this band sure knows how to use a male/female voice combo. The EP, LIDO, makes you want more and more – and though the songs seem like they might burn out upon a bunch of listens, it’s just more fun every time. Can’t wait for this band’s LP.

Bonus! Though this video and song have been out for a few months, Fenech-Soler just released their full length album Rituals, and, I.Cannot.Get.Enough. Seriously – if you’re looking for something that’s a little more playful Friendly Fires type noise, this is an album for you. Did we miss something new and awesome? Comment and let us know. Enjoy!

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