Oh Albany: Why So Grim?

Written by Union Graduate student Michael Reynolds

Close your eyes. You’re in Albany, NY. What do you envision?

If you are imagining a grey silhouette in dreary skyline, then you, like many others, subscribe to the idea that Albany is not only terribly depressing, but downright one of the most unhappy cities to live in.

Having lived in and around Albany for the past six years, I have become increasingly fond of one of the “unhappiest” cities in the United States. Perhaps the best years of my life thus far have been spent in this city, yet above all, Albany is viewed with dismay amongst my peers and colleagues .  Why does Albany have this stigma? On a Friday night why is there always the remark “Ugh, we have to go to ALBANY?”albany

Meanwhile… behind the stigma of a derelict, dilapidated, and ruined city, Albany is striking back. Amongst a city of college students, politicians, and working individuals is a growing group of persons that care for the well-being of this city.  As a Siena student, venturing into Albany was the equivalent of going on Safari in the Congo. It seemed no matter how much I prepared for my venture it always spit me back dirty, exhausted and in rags. That was Albany 2008. Over my tenure as a capital region resident this has changed dramatically. An increasing number of young professionals are staying in this area, creating an enlivening environment of youth and vigor.  Albany is ripe for the taking, ripe for greatness.

Perhaps the purpose of this blog is to serve as an encouraging note, a ringing inspiration to invite the change-makers of this area to voice their words, to invigorate a movement towards a more wholesome Albany.   The platform for change is often one that is turbulent and perpetually changing.  The seeds of success have been strewn over the fertile field that is this generation of young learners.  Let’s do our best to take advantage of this platform for change and launch Albany into the future with the paradigm of opportunity attached firmly to its name.

img via NYSED

img via Destination 360


2 thoughts on “Oh Albany: Why So Grim?

  1. whats fascinating to me is despite the criticism it seems 1 out of every 3 people you meet in the 518 is from somewhere in the burroughs. so, if its so good back home why are yall flocking here? jedi mind trick: convince the natives its wack, take their jobs and move into their house. Detroit? is troubled. people are leaving. Albany, NY? people are relocating here. dont fall for it. “Luke, I am your city!”

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