About Us

Michael Gioia

Michael is an editor, staff writer, and co-founder of the Albanyst. He is a Siena College graduate with a degree in English Literature. His short story 125 Manchester was published in the 2012 Spring edition of the Pendragon Literary Magazine. After two and a half months of teaching at a school for disabled students in India, Michael returned to the states to begin his national service term as an AmeriCorps VISTA. He is currently the Public Computing Services Manager at Albany Public Library in downtown Albany, NY and will be moving to San Antonio, TX in January to begin a career in IT consulting and project management at Y&L. He is also a son, brother, friend, skier, hiker, art lover, print reader, and music fanatic.  Follow Michael on Twitter @mfgioia

Johan Matthews

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Born in Kingstown on the island nation of St. Vincent – came to America at the age of 14 and has been an avid student of Social Justice ever since. Before becoming an AmeriCorps VISTA Leader in Albany NY, he has sojourned through the State of New York, first making his way through the concrete jungles of Brooklyn, then through the pine filled swamplands of Schenectady and eventually through the formerly royal badlands of Buffalo. There, he graduated From the State University of New York at Buffalo, where he earned His Bachelors degree in Philosophy. He now observes the earth from a cocoon in the treetops and helped to co-found the Albanyst.

Jack Kelly

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Jack Kelly is an East Coast-based writer focusing on politics, music, comedy, and opinion articles. Kelly is an AmeriCorps VISTA working in the Capital District of New York state, and a graduate of Stetson University with a degree in Political Science. Jack also writes, edits, and helped co-found The Albanyst. Follow Kelly on Twitter @jackkellyiship for even more mediocre jokes.


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